Breen Hardin

Before I found Beachbody, I tried every “quick fix” and diet in the books. You name it, I’ve probably tried it. I’ve always been the “big girl.” Bigged-boned is what they called it. So I just believed that’s what I would always be. 

In January 2013 I saw a picture of myself and knew something had to change. I was depressed and my lack of confidence was beginning to affect my marriage. I wasn’t being the best wife I could be. I wasn’t living to my potential and knew that I could do more. So I started with TurboFire and Shakeology. I completely gave up my soft drink addiction. And I commited to being a better me. Has my journey been perfect? Nope. But have I given up? Heck no! 

I am so thankful for the support and encouragement, not just for my physical health, but my emotional and total well-being. For me, this journey isn’t just about my physical appearance; it’s about finding total full body health. To feel confident again. To know that this is a lifestyle I can sustain and won’t fall back into my old habits. To be an example for our future children and my family and friends. That’s what this is all about. And thankfully-- that’s exactly what I find through Beachbody.

Misha Ross

In the fall of 2013, after a filling meal at a delicious (though maybe not the healthiest!) ramen place, I opened my fortune cookie to a little white piece of paper that said: The world will soon be ready to receive your talents. Of course at the time I couldn't say what it might possibly mean, but it really struck a chord deep within, and I decided to hang onto it. It sits in my phone case and stares out at me every single day. 

I am still soul-searching its potential meanings, and you might say it's just a simple and random fortune cookie, but I am a firm believer in the idea of the self-fulfilling prophecy. We can't just hope for the things we want, we have to WORK for them. Yet as I contemplated the possible talents I could bring to the world, I realized that I myself was not ready. I didn't feel confident, or happy, with who I was, and before I could fathom sharing myself with the world, I needed to work on myself from within.

Enter Beachbody. I had been struggling time and time again to find the right 'fit' for me when it came to finding my fitness and health rhythm. I needed something that would TRULY motivate EACH DAY...It was so easy to make excuses, sit on the couch, eat whatever I wanted... and then through FB my (future) coach Breen mentioned the 21 Day Fix. After much research and a critical eye (I can be a bit of a skeptic), I decided to go for it.

One Challenge Group and two rounds of 21 Day Fix later, I am so much closer to the woman I want to be. Through my Challenge Group I made friends with women I never met - we shared our motivations, our challenges, our victories, and our struggles. It was the rhythm I had always been looking for! And now as a part of the Tribe team, I have these teammates to continue my journey with and equally look forward to helping others. Perhaps that is the talent I am meant to share.

Whitney Meade

After the birth of my second child, I was staring down at a scale that showed almost 60 pounds that I needed to lose. I'd been following Breen on Instagram for a while, and knew that I needed to get in touch with her because she would know how to point me in the right direction! She recommended the 21 Day Fix, Shakeology, and a challenge group, and I jumped in with no reservations. In just 5 weeks, I lost 23 inches and 6 pounds! My life changed dramatically - and I knew it was my turn to help others in the same way that Breen helped me. So I accepted her invitation to be a Beachbody Coach and I am having the time of my LIFE running my own business and developing relationships with others! I jump out of the bed every morning ready to work... that has NEVER happened before now!